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Welcome to Taos Cookery

Cooking is a tradition we all share... why not do it in style? We specialize in unique, colorful flour sack tea towels and beautiful silver serving ware that we hope bring warmth to your kitchen and home. The kitchen cultivates conversation from sharing ideas and recipes to catching up on lost time. Allow our towels to brighten your oven door and our Taos Twist serving ware to add the silver lining to any topic of conversation. Our Kei & Molly flour sack towels are made in New Mexico and feature chic scenes of the New Mexican way of life. Embrace the Southwest culture with us. 

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Kei & Molly

Putting the "fun" in functional, these towels are beautiful AND useful, with many featuring New Mexico inspired designs!


Taos Twist

The funky classic flatware, right on your own table!