Red, Green Beans


Oh snap!

If you want an easy week night side dish with flavor and pizazz, then you better make these red chile mustard green beans. These green beans are good. Real good. The superhero in this recipe though, the red chile mustard. I am addicted. I used an entire jar in a week. No shame.

The red chile mustard is like a pair of red heels worn with blue jeans, it adds pop! Only, instead of a pop of color the mustard adds a serious splash of flavor. Then, you add goat cheese to the party and it's like the music you have been waiting for to start kicking those hot red heels to. You can get lost in the party and the flavor.

The best part of this recipe is if you are not a green bean fan, weird but okay, you can swap out the green beans for any other vegetable of your liking. Heck, it doesn't even have to be green! Trust me, anything will taste good with the flavors of red chile mustard and goat cheese.




















































Red Chile Mustard
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